The Top 10 HVAC Companies in Wilmington, NC

Is your HVAC system not working correctly?

If your HVAC system is not working properly this summer do not worry, there are several HVAC Wilmington NC companies that you can call upon for help.  The NC shore area is well known for their heating and cooling companies.  They have proven over the years that they offer some of the best AC repair contractors for both commercial and residential jobs.  Many North Carolina heating and air companies have contracts with the Army base Camp Lejeune.  If the company is qualified enough to work in a government facility, you can rest assured that they will do a good job for you.

So, if you are in need of a good air conditioning repair company and live in the state of NC you should be able to find what you are looking for rather easily.  Even if you live outside of the state it does not hurt to still give one of these companies a call.

When looking for excellent HVAC services, it is good to get in touch with the best companies who offer extensive services efficiently and effectively. Here are the top-notch HVAC service call companies in the Wilmington, Carolina Beach, and Rocky Point, North Carolina areas.

Top 10 HVAC Companies In Wilmington, NC:

1. Anderson Air, LLC 

Due to prevailing weather changes, air conditioning should always be a priority for any company or homestead. Anderson Air is one of the leading companies that offer premier HVAC customer services in Wilmington, NC, and surrounding areas. Honesty and integrity should always be the priority of every company, in Anderson Air, they have great professional staffs that are dedicated to making sure your homestead or business premises have HVAC systems that run smoothly throughout.

Anderson Air LLC offers the following services:

• Air conditioning installation

• Heating system installation

• Furnace installation

Geothermal systems

• System upgrades

• Repair and maintenance

For HVAC services, repair and maintenance options call Anderson Air using (910) 239-8821

Anderson Air Address:

419 Raleigh St D, Wilmington, NC 28412, USA

2. Carolina Comfort Air Inc.

Comfort Air Inc. is another trending company that offers HVAC services and extends to give air conditioning repair. This company has been in the limelight for over 10 years now and its call is to provide reliable services as far as home cooling and heating needs are concerned. They are located in North Carolina and delivers quality HVAC services to the locals. They are keen in giving out health indoor environment by delivering comfortable systems.

Carolina comfort air Inc. offers their services in 24 hours and gives a prompt response in all service requests. Here are the services offered by this company:

• Emergency air conditioning and routine heating repair

• HVAC maintenance and preventive measures

Cooling systems and efficient heating services

• Cleaning systems

• Installation of effective HVAC services

Carolina Comfort Air Address:

5212 US-70 BUS HWY W

Clayton, NC 27520

(919) 879-2106

3. RJS Heating and Air company 

RJS is another best HVAC company in Wilmington that provides extensive services for businesses and homesteads. Their products include carrier dealing whey they give a variety of products that provide comfort and healthy environment throughout the year. They offer a complete line of HVAC systems with extensive innovations that improve comfort and reliability. These products include:

• Air conditioners

• Gas furnaces

• Heat pumps

• Air cleaners

• Programmable thermostats

• Humidifiers

Ductless split 

• Zoning products

RJS Heating & Air Inc Address:

204 Antilles Court Wilmington, NC 28405 


4. ARS Wilmington Company 

ARS is an excellent HVAC company in Wilmington that offers extensive services and products in 24 hours. Their exceptional services range from heating to air conditioning and have well trained courteous professionals who solve HVAC issues quickly and efficiently. Their background has been drug-tested and checked to give all the emergency services. Here are some of the services in ARS:

• Furnace systems

• Air conditioning products

Heat pump installation

• Replacement and maintenance

Apart from exceptional service delivery, ARS also have team members that treat customers with respect and integrity. They have call center representatives who will contact clients to ensure every work is done well as required.

Address: 200 N Green Meadows Dr, Suite A

Wilmington, NC 28405

Phone: (910) 795-0202

5. Wilmington Air Company 

Wilmington Air is another HVAC service and product company that offers their job efficiently, quickly and economically in Wilmington. They have been in this industry for more than 10 years and they exhaustively address all the cooling and heating requirements. They have highly skilled personnel who are well versed with all HVAC equipment. Services in Wilmington Air include:

• Maintenance, replacement and repair HVAC systems

• Ventilation, dehumidifiers and humidifiers systems

Gas furnaces, heat pumps, and coil cleaning

• Indoor air quality

• Filtration services

• Air ducts

What makes them stand out is the good services and skilled technical personnel available.

Wilmington Air Address:

Wilmington, NC 28405

Call: (910) 260-5322

6. A/C Tech Services LLC

For excellent HVAC services in Wilmington, A/C Tech Company comes in handy. They provide clients with a comprehensive approach and offers a wide range of products. They prioritize customer concerns and they serve the locals with courtesy and integrity. Their services are available all the time and they are also dealers of the American standard.

A/C Tech services have been around since 2015 and have staff who has extensive experience in the air conditioning industry. For commercial buildings, residential and business, they provide the following services

• HVAC installation

• Maintenance

• Repair

• Heating systems

• Ductless systems


• Indoor air quality

You can contact them through

A17 Cornelius Harnett Dr, Wilmington, NC 28401, USA

Phone: (910) 367-1920

7. Kenny Fowler HVAC company 

Kenny Fowler has experienced staff who are well served with installations, sales, and administrative issues. This company gives uncompromised services and attention to the customers. They offer protection services to HVAC systems including the warranty and offers special discounts on all their services. They also offer services on:

• Electric and gas equipment

Air to water systems

• Oil furnaces

• Home systems purchase

• Mini splits

• Seasonal turn-ups.

You can contact them through:

Phone: (910) 508-4553

711 Wellington Ave. Wilmington, NC 28401

8. Jerry and Son HVAC Inc. 

Jerry and Son is another ideal company that air conditioning, heating and ventilation services. They are very reliable and available all the time. Their services are also quality and meet the demands of most clients. Their services include:

• Heating service

Ventilation service 

• Cooling repair

• Installation

• Maintenance

Jerry and Son address:

Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: (910) 200-3855

9. Air Supply of Wilmington Company 

We have the Air Supply company who are also dedicated to offering excellent HVAC services at affordable rates. This company is licensed and offers services ranging from installation, sales, and repair.



WILMINGTON, NC 28403910-262-4109

10. Air Conditioning Repair Company 

Lastly, when looking for an ideal company for repair, installation, and replacement of cooling and heating systems in Wilmington, Air Conditioning company offers great services as they have offered 24 hours service including emergencies. Some of the areas they cover include:

• Air conditioning installation

Central air conditioning 

• Maintenance

• Emergency services

• Ductless systems

• Repair

• Gas furnace and heat pumps

Get in touch with them through:


1213 Culbreth Drive

Wilmington, NC 28405

(910) 805-7621

For more information on Heating and Air companies and the services that they provide, be sure to read the following related article.

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