Routine Maintenance Calls

Have you had your heating and air system checked?

This time of year one of the most popular HVAC service calls is the routine checkup.  Many believe this is because of the heat during the summer months.  This makes sense to me because I believe that we can all agree that none of us want our air conditioning going out in the middle of summer.  There is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to sleep at night when it is 100 degrees in your room.  The beauty is that all of these problems can be avoided by simply contacting a local heating and cooling company to come to take a look at your unit.

Now, once you have called the heating and air company that you feel safest with they will set up an appointment with you.  On this day and time, an AC contractor will come to your house to inspect your entire unit.  They will inform you if there is anything wrong with your air conditioner or heat pump and notify of the cost to fix them.


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