Forget About Public Transportation, Buy A Used Car

Are you looking for a Used Car in Columbia, SC?

Everyone who uses public transportation knows the hassle that is involved.  If this is you I suggest buying one of the used cars Columbia SC has to offer.  Here you can find any vehicle that your heart truly desires.  Not only do they have an enormous inventory to choose from, but they also offer an amazing warranty on all their vehicles.

Let’s face it when it comes to buying a truck, van, or even a motorcycle we are all concerned about the price.  Many of us simply cannot afford to pay the monthly payments that are required to not use the cities public transportation system.  Not only do you have a car payment you have to also worry about the insurance payment as well.  You cannot legally drive a vehicle without insurance so it is a must-have.

For these reasons is why I highly recommend going to the beautiful state of South Carolina for all your vehicle options.  You will find very reliable transportation there and it will not cost you near as much to purchase them.  Even if you have bad credit you will be able to walk away with your own vehicle and never have to worry about depending on public transportation again.

How and Where To Find The Best Used Cars & Dealers:

Buying a car can be a hustling long process. That’s why we’ve decided to make a brief overview of the best-used car dealerships in Columbia, South Carolina, along with top 20 used cars for sale. It doesn’t matter what car you want, for example, a 2016 Toyota with leather seats and alloy wheels, finding it shouldn’t be this hard.

Here are the top 20 used cars for sale in Columbia, SC, and West Columbia in terms of best price to quality ratios and best-selling items (in random order):

1. Toyota Camry

You can find good deals on this beauty for under $30,000. Depending on mileage, model and your personal preferences, there’s a wide range of deals in the South Carolina market.

A top dealership in the area, DriveTime Used Cars provides a stunning collection of Toyota Camrys for you to just drive away.

This includes a reduced deal for under $18,000 for a Toyota Camry XSE offering 5-day guarantee terms of service if you change your mind. Also includes a lot of features like Bluetooth, USB input, satellite radio sunroof, and so many other advantages. By the way, the mileage is only 17,818 on this fuel-efficient car. It’s a cozy and must have car, and you can also find other models like the Camry Hybrid SE, Highlander LE, Camry LE.

You can choose your favorite at DriveTime Used Cars, by easily contacting them on here, by e-mail or by phone 888-418-1212. Alternatively, you could try their address: 178 Greystone Blvd, Columbia, SC 29210.

2. Honda Accord / CR-V

Another popular choice is Honda, a fine and bold car that you can find in stunning shades at Godwin Motors. The deal is certainly good, as the car is G-certified inspected and comes with a 1-year warranty. This vehicle is booming with great features, including solid performance on V6, built-in utilities and it could be the closest thing to buying a new car.

Honda Accord Crosstour brings fresh and sporty design and an alternative to 4-wheel-drive models from Toyota or Subaru.

Godwin Motors has a very user-friendly website with an easy interface that helps you find all the information you might need. To find out more or schedule a test drive, you can visit them on the following address: Godwin Motors, 4032 West Beltline Blvd., Columbia, SC 29204  or contact them by phone (803) 252-8774 or through the contact form on their website.

3. Volkswagen Passat SEL

The Volkswagen is another hot option. Without a doubt, it’s a stylish and classic car, with nice deals and these are key factors in its popularity.

At Dick Smith Ford you can find a good price for a 2017 model. Good dealerships provide good deals and this elegant car is loaded with features like navigation, heated seats, cruise control, power steering and design as smooth as a good wine.

On Dick Smith Ford you can compare prices and models, double check and value your trade. For any inquiries, there’s a 24/7 live customer service on their website and also their phone number (803) 343-5801.

4. Ford Explorer

Speaking of Dick Smith Ford, the dealership also offers a nice variety of Ford models. Ford is a top choice for a lot of people and here’s why: elegant, but sporty look, 6 Speed Automatic Transmission, solid engine performance and a load of features like rearview camera and electric steering. It’s comfortable and reliable and you can find stunning deals at this top dealer in Columbia, SC.

5. BMW X1

BMW is nothing but a spectacular car and always a good idea if you’re looking for the vehicle of your dreams. The design is flawless on this model too, with leathered interior and bright exterior, while the engine moans with bold horsepower.

See all specifications and features for this car on CarMax, another good dealer in the Columbia market where you can compare similar cars, buy the cars through a monthly plan, choose your preferred warranty plan and even check the car’s history for free. Check their website for complete information, contact them on tel:2075602087 or pop in at the following address: 415 Maine Mall Rd, South Portland, ME 04106.

You can also check out BMW of Columbia to compare more price ranges and deals on this model. Contact them on 803-404-5400 or through the contact form on their website.

6. Audi Q3

Audi simply can’t miss from the selection of popular choices. This powerful and beautiful car is a high-end option and comes with great specs from entertainment features like 2 LCD monitors in the front, great audio system, subwoofer in rear, speakers and Bluetooth everywhere, to exquisite mechanical and safety specs.

You can explore all the features this car provides and more at Jim Hudson Lexus, Columbia. Check out their price ranges and luxury options from the market and feel free to contact them on (888) 720-6389 or the live chat on their website.

7. Lexus ES

In same range of luxury cars for smaller prices that Jim Hudson Lexus, Columbia provides the market, Lexus is a fine choice. The car has exceptional features and comes with the latest technology, small mileage and less than a year usage.

Cars advertised by this dealership are thoroughly checked and tested. This Lexus specifically is a one-owner car and it’s part of a selection of well-cared and certified vehicles that meet these requirements. The dealer comes to the market with this type of one-owner selections, but a lot of other varied options.

8. Cadillac XTS 

The South Carolina market doesn’t forget the Cadillac in this top choices. Definitely a great car, with fluid design, fine interior and overall luxurious. Mechanically isn’t left behind as it’s loaded with strong features and engine specs, including parking sensors and remote start.

You can easily find a lot of great deals on the market within a certified good mileage and great condition.

9. Nissan Altrima

Another noticeable top choice is the Nissan Altrima, with a strong but chic appearance and under a flexible range of prices.

10. Kia Solentro

A powerful car and eye-catching look, you can find this car at numerous dealerships including Galeana Kia.

11. Land Rover Evoque

The intimidating favorite of the list has arrived and it’s surely a great and popular choice.

12. Jeep Wrangler

On a similar note as the Land Rover, the Jeep Wrangler is an all-time favorite.

You can find good prices for a pre-owned Jeep on the market.

13. Chevrolet Equinox

Not only a beautiful car but also a popular and high-demand choice in the area.

14. Buick Verano

Another model that’s in the top sales of the market.

15. Mercedes Benz C300

This brand makes your choice easier by being legendary and beautiful.

16. Volvo V60

This is the Perfect sporty family car!

17. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Great for both luxury and off-road occasions.

18. Dodge Ram 1500 Sport

One of the best and most reliable work trucks on the market Today!

19. Chrysler 300 C

The car offers everything as far as style. It has a sporty yet classy look and drives like luxury.

20. Nissan Rogue

This vehicle is great for those who travel a lot.  It gets great gas mileage and really provides a comfortable drive on long trips.

For more information on used cars and dealerships that you can buy them from, be sure to read the following related articles.

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  1. Public transportation is very convenient for going to work and back if you live in a busy city. But when it comes to going away for the weekend or vacation are going to need a car. I suggest buying a used car just for weekend use and for emergency situations if you live in the city.

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