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There will be a whole lot of emergency HVAC repair work performed in the Carolinas for the next several months.  With all of the flooding that recent hurricane Florence left behind, there will surely be a ton of broken heating and cooling system needing repair.  Many central air systems will need more than repair work performed on them.  Most of them could actually need replacing.

Whether you will need replacement work or repair work done depends on the water damage.  If your business or home received a lot of flood or water damage there is a good chance you will need a replacement.  The best way to figure this out is to contact one of your local AC and heating companies and set up a service call.  This will allow the air conditioning and heating contractor a chance to inspect your entire system.

After the inspection, they will be able to tell you exactly what damage you have and how much it will cost to fix it.

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  1. If you are able to get on any HVAC companies schedule list then you are in luck. Here shortly every company in the Carolinas will be completely booked up. If your system fails inspection it could take a long time to get it fixed.

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