Damaged Vehicles From Hurricane Florence

Are you thinking about buying a vehicle soon?

There will be a whole lot of cash cars Columbia SC being sold for the next several months.  This will be due to the recent damage caused by hurricane Florence.  What I mean by this is that many dealerships take advantage of buying cars that received water damage during the storm.  They get the trucks, Suv’s, minivans any type of vehicle that they can find at really cheap prices because of the damage.  Then they will fix them just enough to get them running and sell them for cash at what seems like a really great deal.

The problem with buying these vehicles is that once you get them home they usually break down shortly after.  The damage is so extent that the motor of the vehicle simply cannot fully recover from the storm damage.  Very few auto dealerships will let you return them if they break down either.  This means you now own a broken vehicle and you are out of however much money you paid for that vehicle.

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One thought on “Damaged Vehicles From Hurricane Florence”

  1. You have to be really careful if buying a vehicle after any major storm. This is especially after storms with flooding involved. A car with flood damage loses all of its value and you will not even be able to trade it in most likely.

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