Catching A Ride

Does your city have a slow bus system?

One of the biggest complaints in common day cities is the lack of public transportation.  This is a problem because many locals depend on buses and metro systems to get to work.  If you live in a major city like Washington, DC or New York City, driving your own car is not always an option because of the heavy traffic.  Many people have been late for work because the public bus and train systems are constantly running behind.  We all understand wear and tear but when there is a constant issue with your ride to work breaking down something needs to be fixed.

The top 5 cities with a slow bus system:

  1. Washington, DC
  2. Philidelphia
  3. Atlanta
  4. Myrtle Beach
  5. Daytona

Some of the cities on this list were a shock to me.  All this goes to show is that every city truly has its problems. It is just that some have more than others.

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