Buying A Vehicle After The Storm

#1 reason not to buy a vehicle right now

If you are currently thinking about buying one of the used cars for sale in your area you may want to hold off on that action.  With the recent hurricane causing so much flooding in the Carolinas buying a new or used truck, Suv or any vehicle right now is not the wisest choice.

The reason why I say this is because of several vehicles receiving flood damage during the recent storm.  Not only does this damage the vehicle, but it also decreases the value drastically.  The means if you do decide to trade it in you will not get much money out of it.  Some dealerships will not even take the trade in if they know you bought the vehicle in an area that just had a major storm.

Car lots selling these damaged vehicles became infamously popular last year after hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas.  Many dealerships have been busted selling these damaged vehicles to customers.  This did not happen just in Texas where the flood occurred either. Many dealers across the entire country were buying these flooded vehicles and selling them for huge profits.  They were doing this knowing that the car, truck or Suv would not last and would break down very shortly after selling it.

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One thought on “Buying A Vehicle After The Storm”

  1. This is true after any major storm, not just Florence and Harvey. Unless you really need a vehicle super bad do not buy one after any hurricane or flood. It does not matter what state you live in this applies to everyone.

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