A Busy HVAC Season

Are you in need of an air conditioning service call?

Scheduling a service call for your heating and air in Wilmington NC right now can be very difficult. This summer has brought the eastern coastline record-breaking heat waves thus causing many HVAC systems to stop working.  Just about every AC and heat pump repair company has been completely booked all summer long with emergency air conditioning repair calls.

Not only are these companies taking on several last-minute emergency jobs, they also have to attend to their current customers.  Every single furnace and HVAC company has a customer base that they must keep happy.  This year’s heat wave has made it very difficult for these companies to get to all their customer’s needs on time though.

For these reasons is why I say if you have not already scheduled your routine service for your AC unit you are really out of luck.  The odds of getting a company that will be able to get to you before the end of next month is very unlikely.  The good news though is that fall is almost here so you should not need your air conditioner too much longer.

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